Blueprints are packages of Jumppad configuration which allow you to run cloud native applications on your computer. They can be run by downloading them to your machine or by running them direct from Git repos.

To take a look at some example blueprints, check out the examples repository.


Running blueprints from the local filesystem

To run a blueprint from your local machine first clone the example blueprints repo:

git clone
cd examples

You can then run a blueprint and create the resources using the jumppad up command with the path of the blueprint you would like to run. The following example runs a blueprint which runs HashiCorp Vault on Kubernetes. When you run the following command Jumppad pulls and starts any necessary Docker containers, then opens the browser windows defined by the blueprint.

jumppad up ./kubernetes-vault
Running configuration from:  ./kubernetes-vault

2020-04-04T17:15:28.988+0100 [DEBUG] Statefile does not exist
2020-04-04T17:15:28.989+0100 [INFO]  Creating Network: ref=cloud
2020-04-04T17:15:44.012+0100 [INFO]  Creating Container: ref=tools
2020-04-04T17:15:44.012+0100 [INFO]  Creating Cluster: ref=k3s
2020-04-04T17:15:44.012+0100 [INFO]  Creating Documentation: ref=docs

Running blueprints from Git repositories

Blueprints can also be run directly from the Git repositories, the following command will download the blueprint from github and then start any resources defined inside it. Blueprints are downloaded to your $HOME/.jumppad/blueprints folder with the the full repository path.

jumppad up

Stopping a blueprint

To stop a blueprint use the jumppad down command

jumppad down
2020-04-04T17:21:27.340+0100 [INFO]  Destroy Ingress: ref=vault-http
2020-04-04T17:21:27.340+0100 [INFO]  Destroy Container: ref=tools
2020-04-04T17:21:27.340+0100 [INFO]  Destroy Kubernetes configuration: ref=dashboard config=[/home/nicj/go/src/
2020-04-04T17:21:27.340+0100 [INFO]  Destroy Ingress: ref=k8s-dashboard
2020-04-04T17:21:27.340+0100 [INFO]  Destroy Helm chart: ref=vault
2020-04-04T17:21:27.340+0100 [INFO]  Destroy Documentation: ref=docs